Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus: Where did it come from, how did it spread, how terrible, what is the treatment?

Coronavirus has entered the human body from one animal and is constantly changing its genetic makeup as it spreads from one person to another – a mutation. So there are fears that the virus may become more dangerous in a few days.

But scientists are still trying to figure out the nature of the virus and how it can be prevented.

News of deadly viruses such as SARS or Ebola occasionally comes through the news. This coronavirus is the latest in it. But is it a today-there-tomorrow-no virus? Or is it much more dangerous than


Corona Virus


What is a coronavirus and how does it spread?

Coronavirus is an infectious virus that has never spread to humans before.

Another name for the virus is 2019-NCOV. It is a type of coronavirus. There are many species of coronavirus, but only 6 of them can be transmitted to humans.

Scientists say the virus may already be ‘mutating’ inside human cells, changing its structure and multiplying – making it even more dangerous.

It could spread extremely quickly, and experts confirmed on Monday that the virus could spread from one person to another.

The virus infects the human lungs and is transmitted from one person to another through the respiratory tract. The virus is spread through sneezing and coughing, just like the common flu or cold.

Coronavirus was also a type of coronavirus that killed 800 people worldwide a decade ago in a virus called SARS (full name Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). More than 8,000 people were affected.

What are the symptoms of the affected person?

The main symptoms of coronavirus infection are difficulty breathing, fever, and cough.

But it can lead to organ failure, pneumonia, and death. Scientists say it takes about five days for the virus to show signs of infection once it enters the body. The first symptom is fever. After that dry cough appeared.

Shortness of breath occurs within a week and then some patients have to be hospitalized.

The question is how dangerous this virus is. Two percent of the victims have died so far, perhaps more deaths. There may have been other deaths that were not identified.

So it is not yet clear exactly how terrible this virus is.

Is there any treatment for this?

Since the virus is new, there is no vaccine yet, and there is no treatment that can prevent the disease.

So what is the way to escape from it?

The only way is to avoid contact with people who are already infected or carrying the virus.

Apart from that, doctors have advised washing your hands frequently, not to touch your nose and mouth with your hands, and wear a mask when you go out of the house.

Dr. University of Hong Kong. Gabriel Leung says in this health guideline, hands should always be kept clean, hands should be washed frequently. Do not rub your nose or face with your hands, wear a mask when you go out of the house.

“Wear a mask if you are sick, and even if you are not sick, wear a mask to avoid contact with others,” he said.